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pdf sewing pattern[Okinsan] ※How to make is not included

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Instant download PDF sewing pattern. 3 size set Please print on Japanese standard A3 size paper. 297×420mm Please print so that the 3 cm square on the paper is the actual size. ◆Contents◆ ◎ Data format PDF ◎ Output paper A3(297×420mm) ◎ Pattern paper (4 sheets) ※How to make is not included How to make video Please see youtube [GogoCandy あーこ]. https://www.youtube.com/@gogocandy_aco ◆About usage◆ ・Works made using GogoCandy sewing patterns can be used for commercial use by individual sales. Please sell at your own risk. ・Do not use GogoCandy images. ・Do not mass-produce in a corporate organization. ・All sewing patterns and specifications are GogoCandy originals. We do not surrender the copyright. ・It is strictly prohibited to divert, reuse, copy, or sell the paper pattern itself. ・Due to the nature of digital content, returns or cancellations are not possible. Drawstring bag 《Approximate materials neede》 【Mini】 ・Inner fabric W55cm × H30cm ・Outer fabric W55cm × H30cm (Please prepare with a little extra time.) 【Regular】 ・Inner fabric W60cm × H36cm ・Outer fabric W60cm × H36cm (Please prepare with a little extra time.) 【Big】 ・Inner fabric W80cm × H40cm ・Outer fabric W80cm × H40cm (Please prepare with a little extra time.) [string] about 90cm 2 pieces *Prepare a cord of your desired length.

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