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【Letter&A4】[Kurumi]pdf sewing pattern ※Instructions on how to make are not included

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Printing instructions: Print to ensure the 3 cm square on the paper is the true-to-size template. ◆Contents◆ ◎ File format: PDF ◎ Paper sizes: 【Letter&A4】 ◎ Pattern paper (11 sheets) *Instructions are not included Combine alphabet letters in the PDF for use. For crafting guidance, watch our 'How-to' video on YouTube [GogoCandy あーこ]. https://www.youtube.com/@gogocandy_aco Please also refer to the sewing blog https://gocan55.com/ 《Approximate Materials Needed》 ・Inner fabric W110cm × H90cm ・Outer fabric W75cm × H100cm ・One pair of 15mm buckles ◆ Usage Guidelines ◆ ・Creations using GogoCandy sewing patterns can be commercially sold individually, but at your own risk. ・Avoid using GogoCandy images. ・Do not mass-produce within a corporate setup. ・All sewing patterns and specifications are original to GogoCandy; copyright remains with us. ・Strictly refrain from diverting, reusing, copying, or selling the paper pattern itself. ・Due to digital content, returns or cancellations are not possible. *For those who wish to have the printed sewing pattern shipped internationally. GogoCandy is also listed on "minne". https://minne.com/@gogocandy

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